4 Dog Parenting Tips to be a Pawsome Dog Parent in 2023

Blog-4 Dog Parenting Tips to be a Pawsome Dog Parent in 2023-Fit & Go Pets

Whether you’re a longtime dog parent or a first-time one, you love your dog like family. You love how their tongue hangs out after a walk, the way their butt wiggles when you get home from work, or the other 800 adorable things they do. Our dogs are our furry kids, and we want them to have a healthy, happy new year too.

So making you an even better dog parent than you already are, here are 4 simple dog parenting tips that will make your dog healthier and happier!

1. Make time to play more with your dog and/or set up doggy playdates.

Dogs are social animals, so it’s important they feel they’re part of your family. When you make one-on-one time to play with your dog, you let your dog know they are an important part of the pack. And make sure to engage activities they like and enjoy – not just what’s easy for you.

Also, look at setting up some doggy play dates so your pup can be social and play with other dogs. Look for local dog groups or check out the dog park. The bonus is they also learn how to deal with unfamiliar people, environments, and situations. 

And who knows, maybe you’ll make a few new friends too! 

2. Review your dog’s diet.

It’s important our dogs eat a balanced diet to avoid obesity – especially as they get older and move around less. 

Instead of dumping some food into your dog’s bowl in the morning, review the manufacturer’s recommendations for portion size and feeding frequency since not all dog foods are created equal. An amount that may be okay for one brand may not work for another brand – so break out that measuring cup!

Also, check with your veterinarian to see if they have any suggestions about your dog’s diet. 

Like to feed your dog human food? That’s okay, so long as you’re feeding your dog food that is safe for them. Check out our blog to learn more!

3. Plan more exercise time for your dog.

Dogs need lots of activity. And when dogs don’t get enough exercise, that’s when they can get destructive. So to avoid trips to the store to replace a chewed up rug, plan on setting aside time every day to exercise your dog. Maybe it’s a long walk before you go to work in the morning or going to the dog park before dinner. But whatever you choose, make sure the activity level is good for your dog’s age.

And to make all this exercise more fun, get your dog a pet fitness tracker that can tell you how many steps your dog has taken and even report on sleep patterns and overall health.

Live in South Florida? Check out these dog-friendly spaces that allow swimming.

4. Create a plan to avoid long periods of isolation for your dog.

Dogs hate being alone for too long since they love being around their “pack.” Dogs who experience long periods of isolation can develop anxiety, loneliness, and/or depression. 

To keep your dog mentally healthy – and make you feel like an amazing dog parent – never allow your dog to spend more than 6-8 hours alone.

 And if you find that’s still too much alone time for your dog, there are a few things you can do:

  • Enrich their home environment by filling it with toys and products that will stimulate your dog while you’re away.
  • Look into finding a dog walker or sitter who can keep your dog company while you're gone.
  • Find a doggy daycare where your dog can spend their time playing and socializing while you’re at work.

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We know you’ll rock these dog parenting tips. Here’s to a healthy, happy, pawsome new year!