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Every day's a ball with Fit & Go Pets!

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While you're out and about, let your furry BFFs play the day away in our urban oasis made just for dogs! Welcome to Miami's premiere daycare destination for fabulous canine fun and non-stop adventures.

From exciting Waggin' Wednesdays filled with bubbles and tug-of-war to our fantastic themed DOGOshoots and Spring & Summer Pawties, Fit & Go Pets is sure to become your dog's favorite play spot. Need more than just a day? See our dog boarding services.

I've been taking Joy there since she was a crazy puppy for daycare and boarding. Thanks in part to them she became so calm and 100% socialized. Their energy and professionalism allows that dogs of all sizes and breeds play freely like a big group of friends.

Ilsy via Google

This is the best doggy daycare in town. Hands down!!! They have excellent concierge-like service. We are constantly connected to the team via a personal WhatsApp group chat keeping us updated about our pup all day long.

Lauren via Google

10/10 recommend! I love it here and well, my lab is a fan! I bring Chloe during the day for doggy daycare while I work and it's just awesome!

Maria via Yelp

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Experience Daycare at Abuela’s House

Our sprawling indoor / outdoor facility is a wonderland of playgrounds, playmates, and enjoyment for your dog. Pups socialize off-leash with friendly furry faces their same temperament under the watch from our caring councelors. In between zoomy games of chase, dogs enjoy open (kennel-free) play, treat puzzles, obedience lessons, yummy peanut butter Kong, and grooming sessions. Plus, don't miss our wellness services, where each pup can enjoy a bit of extra lovin' – perfect for a rejuvenating end to a playful day.


If you're seeking a place where your dog's happiness takes the lead, trust in Fit & Go Pets. With us, every day truly becomes a ball – a day filled with play, companionship, and moments your beloved pet will treasure. 

Every day's a ball with Fit & Go Pets – where your dog's well-being and joy come first.

Our Dog Daycare Amenities Include:

  • Fun and Safe Outdoor / Indoor Play Spaces
  • Daily Personalized Photos and Videos
  • Kennel-Free, Open Play for Exercise & Socialization
  • Pool / Water Adventures (it’s Miami after all)
  • Concierge-Style Pet Care Services
  • Trained and Loving Caretakers
  • Transportation Options Available

With our devoted and well-trained staff, you can rest assured that your pet's experiences in our indoor and outdoor play areas are always supervised and guided. Our team is there to foster a safe, enjoyable environment where every wagging tail is met with care and attention.


We understand that life can get busy, and as your Fit & Go Pets family, we're here to support you on your pawrenting journey.

Interested in giving your dog a spa treatment from our team of expert groomers during their stay? We've got you covered.

At Abuela's House, we go above and beyond with specialized care. From transportation and vet visits to fun one-on-one play sessions, revitalizing peanut butter Kongs, relaxation massages, and tail-wagging outdoor playgroups, we ensure your furry friend receives the best treatment.

Additional services


Whether you're caught up with work, errands, or just need a bit of extra help, our transportation service ensures your pup can be part of our exciting activities, no matter the day.

Explore Transportation

If life keeps you extra busy but you need to update vaccines or have your furry friend's rash checked out, you can count on us to step in and assist by taking them to the vet.

Explore Wellness

Our grooming services aren't only top-notch but also incredibly convenient, allowing dogs who are attending daycare or boarding to receive a pampering session concurrently.

Explore Spa


At Fit & Go Pets, all guests enjoy an open play environment, socialization, regular potty breaks, personalized meals, and plenty of tender loving care from our dedicated team. Our expansive yard provides the perfect setting for playgroups, allowing dogs to socialize, run, and play to their heart's content.

Here's a quick overview of your dog's daycare experience with us:


  • Morning: Your pup arrives to his favorite playscape!
  • Yep, water play and sunbathing action happens every day!


  • Noon: Pups go inside to have a snack, if needed, followed by a reenergizing two-hour nap indoors.
  • Then, they head back to the parks, indoors or outdoors, depending on your dog's needs and preferences.
  • Afternoon: Pups go home tired and happy after a day filled with adventures.

Rest assured that our caring and trained team supervises the dogs at all times, ensuring their safety and well-being as they play, socialize, and have a great time with us.


Dogs warm up quickly to Fit & Go Pets. The minute they see the other dogs at play, their fears and anxieties start melting away. The reason is this is a warm and comfy Abuela's House. We work with all dog breeds, ages, health conditions.

If your dog is new to Fit & Go Pets, we encourage you come for a Meet & Greet. At the Meet & Greet you and your pup will be able to see our space and learn what we are all about!

Our loving and experienced team is here to help with any special accommodations and give you peace of mind.

As you start to prepare for your dog's daycare play day, keep this checklist in mind:

  • PROVIDE FOOD & MEDICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Make sure to update food and medication instructions, if any, on your pet's profile before check in.
  • UPDATE ALLERGY INFORMATION: Make sure to update allergies, if any, on your pet's profile before check in.
  • STAY TUNED TO YOUR CHAT: Keep an eye on your WhatsApp Chat as we send updates throughout the day.

Fit & Go Pets provides a highly active environment, where dogs interact for several hours each day. After a busy day, you return in the evening to a happy, healthy pup, pooched out and eager to return tomorrow!


We require the following before any booking is confirmed:

  1. Updated vaccine records (Rabies, Bordetella and Distemper)
  2. Signed Service Agreement
  3. Signed Terms and Conditions


Reserve your pet’s daycare play day - fun times guaranteed.

Step 1: Create a new account
Step 2: Check your email and follow the steps, includes providing your info, your dog’s info, vaccines
Step 3: Book your new reservation

Once we review and everything’s in check we’ll be ready to pawty!

Find Us:

Located in East Allapattah

Near Wynwood | Edgewater | Miami Beach | Downtown | Brickell
711 NW 24 Street
Miami, FL 33127

Mon - Fri, 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Saturday, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Sunday, Closed to the Public (caring for boarding customers only)


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