Frequently Asked Questions


We are conveniently located in the heart of Miami at 711 NW 24 Street, Miami, FL 33127. 

There is plenty of free street parking all around us. Remember not to block any driveway. See you soon.

These are our hours of operation:


7 a.m. – 7 p.m. 


8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

No transportation service available


CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC (attending to boarding customers ONLY)

We are closed to the public on:  

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day 

New Year’s Day

Presidents’ Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day 

Columbus Day 

Holiday hours may vary on days prior and after the holidays, check our Holiday Peak Days and Hours.


We are a full-service pet care facility offering boarding, daycare, grooming, transportation, vet visits, training and much more. 

We don’t offer dog walking or drop-in services. We recommend asking your neighbors about reliable services in your vicinity or contacting one of our partners.  

At the heart of our approach is our Abuela, Mayrena, co-founder of Fit & Go Pets. Her unwavering care and unapologetic compassion for animals drives our business and embodies our team’s spirit. She welcomes each and every pup to Abuela’s House while their pawrents are away, for the day or for the week. You can always count on Fit & Go Pets to keep your dog active, happy, loved and stimulated while you work, travel or play.

Your dog gets loads of playtime in dry and water areas outdoors, and time to unwind and lounge indoors in our homey space. Our indoor space resembles a home. The sleeping areas are ample private spaces designed for dogs to sleep, rest, or unwind. The spaces range in size and can be combined to accommodate dogs of all sizes and families with multiple dogs. The outdoor space offers incredible comfort with artificial turf, plenty of shade, spaces for small and large dogs, and a water area. We ensure he/she is getting an adequate amount of play and rest time throughout the day. Our loving and trained staff always supervises the packs in the indoor and outdoor play areas.

All booking and account related communication should be done through your online account. Additionally, once you sign up, we create a group chat on WhatsApp, through which we send photos, videos and day-to-day information.

Booking is very easy. The first step is to go to our website (fitandgopets.com), click on Book Now and follow the steps. 

Before any booking is confirmed we require the following:

1) Updated vaccine records (Rabies, Bordetella and Distemper)

2) Signed Service Agreement (This is Done when placing your first request)

3) Signed Terms and Conditions UPDATED August 1, 2023 (This is Done when placing your first request)

4) Neutered & Spayed certification from vet (Female dogs at 7 months old and Male dogs at 12 months old); we reserve the right to accept or deny services

We don’t have breed restrictions. However, we reserve the right to refuse service to any dog that exhibits aggressive behavior toward any person or dog, or if we believe he/she isn’t comfortable in our environment. Let us know if your dog cannot be around any size dogs or if he/she has any behavior that we need to be watchful of.

Dogs that visit must be well socialized and be able to freely interact with other dogs in a highly stimulating environment, like ours. We don’t group them by size, but do group them by energy level. We believe that way they get to meet like-minded buddies. Depending on their energy level, what he/she enjoys most from our facility, we design the day for the dog so he/she is taking the most advantage of the time with us. For example, there are dogs that absolutely love water and the pools, therefore we ensure those dogs get a lot of pool time. There are also dogs that are big loungers and nothing makes them happier than laying on the couch. We ensure those get to lay on comfy beds while with us.

Your dog will sleep in a private area, only shared by siblings, as required/needed. However, play areas aren’t private. We offer private playtime sessions, at an additional cost, if requested. 

Dogs spend their day roaming around freely in our indoor and outdoor play areas. High energy activities in the outdoor parks take place in the early morning as they are energized after breakfast. We break for snack and nap time at around noon. Then, there is more fun awaiting them at the parks in the afternoon, followed by dinnertime and bedtime. 

Dogs spend their day roaming around freely in our indoor and outdoor play areas, therefore they get plenty of time outside to go potty and play. We closely monitor all dogs under our care, and while we want to keep their activity levels high – so they go home extra tired, we rotate them from space to space to avoid overstimulation and ensure an adequate amount of play and rest time. 

Some dogs may also need more rest time during the day, and we provide it to ensure he/she is comfortable throughout the day. We take the time to get to know the dogs, their likes and dislikes, to make their day as enjoyable and fun as possible! 

Yes, of course! We feed three times per day. Morning breakfast, mid-day snack and afternoon dinner. Water is always available throughout the facility, individual water bowls are available during meals and in the sleeping areas. 

During the day, dogs will be roaming around outdoors and playing around with other dogs. Although we have artificial turf, which is cleaner, it is likely that he/she gets a little dirty. We will wipe off any excess dirt before the end of the day but will not fully bathe the dog. 

Dogs will be roaming around outdoors, getting wet in the pools and playing around with other dogs. If your dog is prone to matting, we recommend brushing frequently and/or keeping the trim low. 

We highly recommend administering a flea and tick preventative treatment to your dog due to our climate and their exposure to other dogs at the facility. We will let you know if we see fleas and ticks on your dog and give your dog a flea and tick bath to prevent infestation; at the owner’s expense.


We try to accommodate different sleeping requirements as much as possible. Please inform us of special sleeping requirements prior to the first / next booking so we can determine how to manage it.  

We work with many types of situations and can accommodate in most circumstances (i.e. slow eating for fast eaters, elevated eating for dogs with megaesophagus). Please inform us of the special food needs / instructions prior to the first / next booking so we can determine how to manage it.  

Our team is trained to handle medication administration in most forms (i.e. ingested, injected) and to work with many types of health conditions. Please inform us of the medications and instructions prior to the first / next booking. Charges apply. 

We are constantly sanitizing our space to prevent the illnesses from spreading. However, it isn’t uncommon for dogs to get sick when they are interacting with other dogs. For that reason, if we notice that a pet falls ill while under our care, we will notify you or your emergency contact immediately to ensure he/she is treated. If he/she happens to come down with something contagious, he/she won’t be admitted back into the facility until the vet says it is ok to come back.

Safety is a top priority for us. We highly train and closely monitor our packs to minimize possibilities of incidents. We have a protocol in place to handle incidents and are diligent and transparent in our communication with our customers. 

Safety is a top priority for us. We closely monitor and assess the behavior of all pets under our care. Dogs that visit us are all highly socialized dogs, who are used to being in high stimulation environments like ours. However, dogs use their mouths and paws to play; therefore, little scratches and nicks are not uncommon. If it’s an emergency we will transport him or her to the nearest vet immediately and then call you and/or your emergency contact. If it is a non-emergency, we will try to reach you or your emergency contact first to see how you would like us to handle it. We reserve the right to turn down a pet that may not behave appropriately.


A meet and greet is a tour of our facility. Meet and greets are free of charge and are provided as a courtesy to customers and as an opportunity to meet our team and view the space. Meet and greets need to be scheduled in advance online at fitandgopets.com.

Dogs that visit us for the first time are required to book a meet and greet to ensure our space will be a good fit. Make sure to schedule your meet and greet in advance online at fitandgopets.com.

Meet and greets are free of charge and are provided as a courtesy to customers and as an opportunity to meet our team and view the space. 

Meet and greets need to be scheduled in advance. Meet and greets can be booked online at fitandgopets.com.


It’s never too late to start training your dog! Training your dog is essential to raise a healthy and well-adjusted furry member of the family. With Fit & Go Pets’ great partner trainers you can train your puppy, teach your dog commands and tricks, or modify behaviors like digging, barking, leash pulling, and others. We use dog-friendly reward-based training methods. Let us know if your dog cannot be around any size dogs or if he/she has any behavior that we need to help shape.

Yes, you can join our group training sessions, enroll in train and boarding or in-home/private training sessions. It all starts with a free consultation with Fit & Go Pets’ partner trainer to identify your needs so we can provide a sound recommendation.

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Located in East Allapattah

Near Wynwood | Edgewater | Miami Beach | Downtown | Brickell
711 NW 24 Street
Miami, FL 33127

Mon - Fri, 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Saturday, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Sunday, Closed to the Public (caring for boarding customers only)