our story

Picture this. Dogs on the back of a van happily arrive at their favorite dog park. Chasing each other. Being active. Having fun. Happy dog faces look out from the window when picked up at their homes. Dogs everywhere. Licking the crumbs off the kitchen floor. Showing puppy eyes for tummy rubs and pawing for treats.

Big dogs. Little dogs. Hairy dogs. Playful dogs. Sleepy dogs. Diva dogs. Every personality you can think of taking up space in our house and you’ll be starting to get the picture of the exact predicament we were in 2016 when Fit & Go Pets was born and became the life adventure mom-daughter team, Mayrena and Aimee.

At the time, both were looking to move away from corporate jobs and dived right into the wacky and wonderful world of doggy care. Starting as field trips or “rides” for high-energy pups to parks in the area, evolving into daycare, boarding and so much more, Fit & Go Pets is now an expansive playscape with concierge-style services that humans and pups can’t live without.

We started small, with just a van, and a heart full of dreams, and little by little have earned the trust of thousands of equally #dogobsessed pawrents in Miami and beyond.

Abuela's house

The spirit of the special relationship between an Abuela and their grandchild is what inspires us. We may not be operating out of our house any longer, but Fit & Go Pets still captures the essence of home. A place of comfort, indulgence, safety, imagination and adventure. A destination no-one ever wants to leave, a place you miss when you’re away and a spot you seek out for advice and a laugh.

We exist to create an adventure playscape for dogs where they have all the freedom in the world to zoom, to frolic in water, to sniff butts, to have fun, to make friends and to express themselves… There’s simply no-one like us.

When your happy puppy is twitching in their sleep, they’re dreaming of their active day with us.