5 Signs Your Dog Needs Grooming

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We know (for the most part) when it’s time to hit the hair salon or barber shop, but sometimes, it’s hard to tell when our dog needs professional grooming.
While bathing your dog at home is a good option, a professional groomer takes extra steps to keep your dog's fur/coat, skin, nails and ears healthy. Dog groomers also watch for any pests such as fleas and ticks, although it is important to be on the lookout for physical signs of pests on your dog, such as irritated skin, sores, or excessive scratching.
Here are FIVE SIGNS your dog needs to see a professional dog groomer:
Regardless of the color, a dog’s fur/coat should look shinny and healthy. If it looks dull, matted and untidy, it’s time to make an appointment with a professional dog groomer. Some dogs get matted, especially if they enjoy playing in the water. Matted fur is uncomfortable (even painful) for dogs. The matted or tangled fur traps dirt, feces, debris, and pests in the coat, which causes skin irritation and increases the chances of skin infections and other ailments.
Excessive dirt and debris on the dog’s fur/coat and skin can not only trigger skin irritation or damage, but also cause the bad odor. A professional dog groomer will always give your dog a good bath with skin-appropriate shampoo and conditioner to remove all traces of dirt and debris and thoroughly dry the fur/coat, leaving him/her sparkly clean.
You KNOW your dog’s nails are too long when you hear them clicking on the hardwood floors. Your dog’s nails can be worn down naturally when walking or running on the pavement. However, if your dog isn’t spending too much time on the pavement, his/her nails may need a trim. It is important to keep your dog’s nails trimmed to avoid vain overgrowth, as the nail will only be able to be trimmed up to the start of the vein to avoid bleeding. You can see the vain clearly on white nails (see below); it's harder to see the vain on dark nails, that's why regular nails trims are always recommended.
You may notice a foul odor when you smell your dog’s neck (yes, right in that yummy spot under his/her ears). Your dog’s ears clean themselves, when wax makes its way out of the ear canal, keeping the odor to a minimum. But if the odor is stronger than usual, it may mean that your dog is due for a good ear cleaning. A professional dog groomer will alert you if he/she suspects the dog has an ear infection.
If your dog is scooting, it may mean that his/her anal sacs are clogged.
“Dogs have two small anal sacs on either side of their rear end that contain a foul, fishy-smelling liquid they release when they poop… Normally, your dog’s bowel movement triggers his anal sacs to empty. But if they’re not working properly, the fluid can build up. The glands in the sacs have a tendency to get inflamed, solidifying the liquid and hindering its release, hence causing discomfort and even pain for the dog.” ~ American Kennel Club
The professional groomer will softly express the glands to release its contents, relieving the dog. A good bath will follow this procedure.
Book Now your dog’s next appointment with our professional dog groomers. Always consult with your vet, if you are concerned about your dog’s health.