Rescue Stories: A farewell tribute to our Rosie girl

Rescue Stories: A farewell tribute to our Rosie girl

Hello Fit & Go Family! Today we are back with a bittersweet Rescue Story to share with you. One for our beloved Rosie who has sadly crossed the rainbow bridge and is no longer with us. We miss her dearly and we wanted to share one last tribute in the form of an extra special Rescue Story.

Her Fit and Go Family tells us about Rosie’s Story and Farewell message:

Rosie, our dear furry friend, found us in an unexpected moment, sniffing around a bus stop for a meal. Our driver, Griffin, stepped in to keep her safe, and from that moment, she chose us as her family, jumping into our van and straight into our hearts.

Her time with us at Fit and Go Pets was filled with love, care, and endless affection. She brought us joy, taught us about kindness, and became an integral part of our lives. Saying goodbye hurts, but we're grateful for the chance to have had her with us.

Rosie's last days were filled with love and pampering from our team, and we know she felt it. Though she's no longer with us, she's now free from pain and illness, living a new life somewhere better. We'll miss her deeply, but she'll forever be in our hearts. Farewell, Rosie, enjoy your eternal happiness—we'll always love you.

Rosie's Rescue Story:

  • Rescue date: November Oct. 26, 2022
  • Breed: American Bulldog Mix
  • Approximate age: 5 years and 2 month
  • Personality: Friendly, loving and playful. 
  • Loves to: She loves anyone that shows her lots of love, she loves to run around and fetch.

Her Fit and Go Family tells us Rosie’s Story:

Rosie was found by one of our employees as a stray in the streets of downtown Miami, with a severe skin irritation in her belly - We believe it was due to trauma. No one knows her backstory, but given her injuries, we know she spent a very long time in the street and was not having a good life. 

We welcome her into our dogobsessed family with all our love; hoping that soon we can find her a forever home, where she can be loved and spoiled! In the beginning she was pretty scared and nervous; but by week two, she was enjoying herself and recovering well. She is such a wonderful, loving, and sweet dog. We know that she will be the perfect dog for the family that will receive her, she has given us so much love and happy moments, we are so happy to care for her and have the opportunity to change her life.

The greatest lesson:

Patience is everything when it comes to rescues. These dogs have unknown origins and trauma that has shaped the way they move in the world. It's important to provide them with the structure to feel safe and the training to gain confidence. It’s hard work, but it’s 100% worth it to see the progress and the love they can give you.