Rescue Stories: Meet Blue!

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Happy Rescue Stories Friday Friends!! 

If you’ve been following along with our team, you know that during these ruff times, animal shelters and organizations have been struggling to maintain enough funding and supplies to support the hundreds of adoptable dogs/pets in their shelters. We are doing everything we can to help their efforts! Learn how you can help at the bottom of this blog post and get ready to meet our latest Rescue Story!

We are so excited to introduce you to our July Rescue Story (who happens to be the sister of Phoenix our June Rescue Story) - Meet Blue!

Rescue Stories: Meet Blue!

  • Rescue date: April 2023
  • Breed: Terrier mix
  • Approximate age: 3 Years Old
  • Personality: Blue is a very observant and curious girl. She is very loving, protective and listens on command. She likes to climb on top of the sofa and immediately pretend she is sleeping to avoid being kicked off. She is very expressive with her face, barks very rarely and is never too far from one of her humans. She knows the commands “sit, paw and lay down” and most likely understands English and Spanish.

Blue’s Rescue Story: Blue was our family’s second rescue from Doral animal shelter after falling in love without first rescue. She was in the shelter for five months before finding a home with us.

The greatest lesson: We have learned integrating our dogs before bringing one home is a very big key to a successful adoption. Our dogs spent four days at Fit and go slowly getting to learn about each other on neutral grounds before bringing them home.

A piece of advice: If you have a dog and are considering adopting another, integrating them on neutral territory is extremely effective. You can learn about the personality of your adopting dog, and how they respond with your current pet, most importantly give them more than a couple days together before bringing them home.

What I wish I had known: Integrate your pets together. It is absolutely amazing for home life.

We know you have a wonderful dog rescue story. Tell us your story so we can
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