Rescue Stories: Meet Melo Roman!

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Happy Rescue Stories Friday Friends!! 

If you’ve been following along with our team, you know that during these ruff times, animal shelters and organizations have been struggling to maintain enough funding and supplies to support the hundreds of adoptable dogs/pets in their shelters. We are doing everything we can to help their efforts! Learn how you can help at the bottom of this blog post and get ready to meet our latest Rescue Story!

We are so excited to introduce you to our March rescue story - meet Melo Roman!

Rescue Stories: Meet Melo Roman

  • Rescue date: January 31, 2023
  • Breed: Beagle
  • Approximate age: 4 years old
  • Personality: Melo is the sweetest pup. He is so calm (fitting with his name: Melo is mellow), but enjoys a good play time. He'll even play by himself and throw around his tennis ball, which is his favorite toy. 
  • Loves to: Melo loves to rub his head on people as a sign of love and cuddles, and he enjoys a good cuddle on the couch. He also loves running on the grass on sunny days!
  • Instagram Handle: @thatiana.diaz

Melo’s Rescue Story: Our dog was found roaming around Jacksonville, FL for over a month until he was picked up by a family who contacted our rescue - South Florida Beagle Rescue - and then transported to our area. The day he was picked up was the day we had filed for adoption, so we like to think that it was meant to be. 

The greatest lesson: That the best thing you could give dogs is love. We saw how scared Melo was at first and as we continued to show him love and make him feel a part of our home, his personality started to come out and he would reciprocate that love almost as if he were thanking us. The greatest lesson is the love that they can give us and we can give them — and how we can change each other's lives with it. 

A piece of advice: 

The perfect dog can be found in any rescue dog. I think so often people wait until they find the "perfect dog" to want to rescue them — one that is their ideal size, age, color, health — and in that, you're not only taking away from the process but missing out on so many incredible dogs who you can love just as much. Melo tested positive for heartworms before we met him and if we had stopped ourselves because he "wasn't in perfect health" then we would've missed out on this pup with such a wonderful personality. Also, patience is key! Adoption is all about getting to know one another. Your dog is getting to know you while you're getting to know them. Enjoy that process versus stressing over the unknown. 

 What I wish I had known:

That the process is easier than you think and worth it! While there are steps you have to go through in the adoption process, we found that every step was an exciting one from meeting him to signing the paperwork. Nothing ever felt tedious, and when you hear adoption, you imagine it to be this taxing process. There are SO many dogs waiting to be put in homes, and had I known how supported you can be by the rescue volunteers and organizations (shoutout to South Florida Beagle Rescue!), I would've adopted a long time ago. 

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