Tell us your dog rescue story

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On May 20 we celebrate NATIONAL RESCUE DOG DAY!
This is a big deal for us as many of you are rescue dog pawrents and most likely, we have been a part of your dog rescue journey in a small or big way. We've heard so many stories over the years,  stories we know can inspire future dog rescue pawrents, and save more furry lives.
Rescue Stories brings together dog lovers, dog rescues, rescue pawrents, dog caretakers and others to help each other, through the inspiring stories of rescue pawrents in our community.
During these ruff times, animal shelters and organizations have been struggling to maintain enough funding and supplies to support the hundreds of adoptable dogs/pets in their shelters.
Each quarter we partner rescue to make them beneficiaries of donations made through us. We match donations to up to $1,000 per year. Make a donation when making your next booking or donate straight to the organizations.
Here's how you can help: 

We'll be raising money to help dog rescue organizations all year long! Go to your Fit and Go Pets account to make a donation by selecting "Fundraising 🐾National Rescue dog Day 🐾" and choosing from different options: Dog Lover ($25), Dog Rescuer ($50), All in for Dogs ($75) and All in for the Cause ($100). The more we raise, the more we can help!
The local rescue organizations will be announced soon!

We know you have an inspiring dog rescue story. Let's tell more stories and spread more of the goodness of dog rescue. Tell us your story so we can post it on our blog and share it with all the people we know. It will take 5 minutes of your time and perhaps through your story, we can help save furry lives.
Rocky on his first Gotcha Birthday!