The 5 Best Products We Love for Rescue Dogs, Foster Dogs, and Puppies!

Blog-The 5 Best Products We Love for Rescue Dogs, Foster Dogs, and Puppies!-Fit & Go Pets
We only want the best for our dogs. The best food, the best experiences, the best family. But we also want the best products so our rescue pups feel loved, safe, and secure. So here is a list of the 5 top products all rescue dogs – young or old – need in their home!
1. Leash and collar
Leashes and collars come in all colors, sizes, and lengths. It can be a lot of fun to pick out a collar and leash that reflects the personality of your rescue dog!
And depending on your needs, leashes and collars come in different designs that serve different walking and/or behavior purposes. But your goal should be to buy a leash and collar that keeps your rescue dog safe. Something that allows them to walk relaxed next to you but also allows you to stop them quickly when the situation calls for it or navigate them through a busy street.
Check out the 11 Best Dog Leashes and 5 Best Dog Collars sorted by length, comfort, style, and different walking or behavior needs.
2. Food and water bowl
Food and water bowls can be as fun to choose as a leash and collar! Should it be ceramic or stainless steel? Should it have a fun design or your doggy’s name on it? You can even pair it with a fun dog mat and stand.
Whatever you choose, your rescue dog will need 2 bowls – or even more if you want a set of bowls for inside and outside. If you have two or more dogs, consider getting each dog their own set of bowls to avoid any territorial or aggressive behaviors around food.
Here’s a list of 19 Best Dog Bowls broken down by type, durability, travel, and dog size.
3. Dog bed
A dog's bed is as individualized as your rescue dog’s personality. There is no best bed for every dog in every situation. So you’ll want to consider the needs of your rescue dog when picking out a bed.
Smaller dogs have different comfort needs than larger dogs and younger dogs have different needs than senior dogs. So whatever you choose, make sure your rescue dog's bed gives them the comfort they so deserve!
Here is a list of 8 Top Dog Beds that look at durability, comfort, washability, and support.
4. Dog crate
Dog crates serve many purposes. Your dog may be in a crate for travel or a trip to the vet or it may provide them with the space they need to feel safe. And a crate can be a great way to help potty train a rescue dog or puppy.
When choosing a crate for your rescue dog, choose one that fits their size and temperament. And make sure it is a space they find comfortable and safe. NEVER use a crate as punishment.
There are a lot of materials, sizes, and other options to consider when choosing a dog crate. Check out 10 Best Dog Crates for some ideas!
5. Dog toys
Dog toys are ESSENTIAL for your new rescue pup. Why? Because many rescue dogs have never had their own toy, and a toy can help them feel safe and loved. Plus, a toy can help your dog fight off boredom, calm nervousness, and help stop other destructive behaviors.
When looking for doggy toys, make sure it’s safe and made of materials that aren’t harmful to your rescue. For instance, rawhides are a popular choice for dogs, BUT they can be harmful – causing choking or digestive problems.
One tip is to use the “thumbnail check” to see if it’s safe for your rescue dog's teeth. Press your thumbnail into the toy, and if it gives, then it’s safe.
Here is a list of 16 Best Toys sorted by different dog types and needs.

And don’t forget to check out the best doggy services your rescue dog will need!

Services like doggy daycare, boarding, training, and grooming are as important as the 5 essentials we listed.
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