Tips to Make Traveling With Your Dog Easy This Summer

Blog-Tips to Make Traveling With Your Dog Easy This Summer-Fit & Go Pets
Summer means warm weather, blue skies, and trips to explore your favorite vacation spots or seek new ones. And if you’re planning on bringing your dog along, there are a few things you need to consider to prepare your dog for summer travels.
So here are some tips for traveling with your dog!
Before you take a trip with your dog…
  • Visit the vet to get a checkup and make sure they are healthy for travel.
  • Refill any of your pup’s medications.
  • Get an updated list of your dog’s vaccinations to bring with you.
  • Make sure your dog’s tag is up to date and consider having them microchipped. If they’re already microchipped, verify your contact information is current.
  • Have a current picture of your dog on your phone to use in case they get lost.
  • Know in advance where you’ll be staying and verify they’re a pet-friendly hotel or vacation home.
  • Know where a 24-hour emergency vet is located near where you’re staying.
  • Have your veterinarian’s contact information stored in your phone in case of an emergency.
  • Leaving a dog unattended in a hotel room is NEVER a good idea – often dogs become destructive or bark a lot in unknown spaces. So make a plan for what you’ll do when you need to go out. This could mean finding dog-friendly attractions and restaurants nearby. If you’re planning to only be gone for a short period, you could crate your dog in the room (so long as they are crate trained).
When packing for your dog’s summer trip…
  • Bring any familiar comfort items like a favorite toy and dog bed. It can be scary being in an unfamiliar place, so anything that feels safe and smells familiar will help calm your dog’s anxiety.
  • Pack a sturdy leash and collar. So if your go-to set is fraying, now would be a good time to replace it before traveling with your dog.
  • Don’t forget the poop bags for the frequent bathroom breaks.
  • Pack their regular food so you don’t run out while traveling.
  • Pack bottled water for your dog to drink. Drinking unfamiliar water can upset your dog’s tummy, but check with your vet if you have any concerns about this.
  • Consider buying travel bowls to use instead of packing their bulky ones. If you buy travel bowls, plan to practice using them with your dog a week before traveling.
If you’re traveling with your dog by car…
  • Keep your dog restrained during the ride to keep them safe. They can either travel in a crate or consider buying a dog car seat or dog seat belt.
  • Practice riding in the car with your dog for various lengths of time using their crate, dog car seat, or dog seat belt.
  • Don’t let your dog ride in the open bed of a truck or with their head hanging out of a window. These both pose hazards to your dog either being hit by flying debris or falling out of the vehicle.
  • Plan to feed your dog lightly before traveling to avoid an upset stomach from car sickness. If you have any concerns about this, speak with your vet.
  • If your dog is traveling in a crate, make sure your car is well ventilated so they won’t overheat.
  • Car travel can be boring, so bring toys and games for your dog to play with.
  • Plan for frequent bathroom breaks and walks while on the road.
  • Prepare your car for the trip beforehand by buying blankets and covers for your car seats and purchasing cleaning supplies should your dog have an accident.
  • NEVER leave your dog alone in the car! When it’s 80° outside, it can get up to 120° inside the car within minutes!

If you’re traveling with your dog by plane…
  • Check with the airline you’re flying with to verify their policies and procedures since plane travel can be complicated.
  • Make reservations for your dog since airlines restrict the number of pets per flight.
  • Make sure your dog is crate trained since the airline may require them to be crated during the flight – but this is all dependent on the airline’s policies.
If you’re planning to travel with your dog by train, bus, or boat, you may be disappointed since these companies are limited on what they’ll allow. Check with whichever company you’ll be traveling with to understand what their requirements and restrictions are.
If taking your dog with you for your summer vacation isn’t an option, find them a doggy hotel or boarding facility!
At Fit & Go Pets, we offer a great boarding experience. In our 7,500-foot facility, your dog has access to an indoor space that resembles a home, a sleeping area with lots of private space, and an outdoor area to play and relax.
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