It's scary to think about dog theft, but it happens more often than people can imagine. A recent Washington Post article explains canine theft is on the rise. Dog thieves pray mostly on small expensive breeds. Avoid the heartache of getting your dog stolen. 
Our team is closely monitoring all dogs at our facility for symptoms of the highly contagious disease that is affecting our furry ones in South Florida, Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex (CIRDC). We haven’t detected any cases at our facility.
I found her walking outside my office, skinny and dirty, wearing a collar that was too big for her. My office had dog treats, so I ran inside to get some so I could get her to come over to me. Read MiMi's inspiring Rescue Story!
This is a big deal for us as many of you are rescue dog pawrents and most likely, we have been a part of your dog rescue journey in a small or big way. We've heard so many stories and have seen first-hand the impact you make in the lives of your rescued furry babies. Tell us your story.
So many of us have been quarantined for the past weeks. Our daily routine changed drastically during that time. Some of us struggled, some coped, some adjusted very well from day one, and for others, it took time before things felt a little normal. So, what happened to our dogs?