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Discover the Ultimate Doggy Daycare Experience - Try Fit & Go Pets for FREE!

Welcome to Fit & Go Pets, where your dog's happiness is our priority! Our doggy daycare activities are tailored for your dog's happiness, safety, and active lifestyle. At Fit & Go Pets, we ensure an engaging, safe, and comfortable environment for your dog to socialize, exercise, and unwind. Our concierge-style care caters to your pet's unique needs, with added transportation convenience. Try our premium daycare services for FREE (1 free day) and discover our exceptional approach to dog care today!

Reasons to Use Our Doggy Daycare

  • Fun and Safe Outdoor and In-Door Play Spaces
  • Personalized Photos and Videos Throughout the Day
  • Open Play with Pool and Water Adventures (it’s Miami after all)
  • Concierge-Style Pet Care Services
  • Transportation Options Available

Convienently Located In Downtown Miami

We serve all of Miami and the surrounding areas. We are conveniently located just 15 minutes from major areas, such as Brickell, Edgewater and South Beach.

Meet our team

Aimee - "The daughter"


Mayrena - "The mom"

Co-Founder, Operations & Customer Service Manager


Assistant HR & Marketing Manager


Assistant Operations Manager

What Our Happy Customer Say About Us

I like how hand on and caring the staff is at Fit and Go. My fur baby always has a great time. I also appreciate how often they send updates when I board my fur baby. those messages make my day!

-Lissere O.

"So happy that I drove past this place. They have a huge outdoor space for the dogs which is ideal. Usually when I board my dogs they come back a bit raggedy and upset, sometime even sick but not at Fit and Go! I can tell they are really well taken care of! It's perfect for my little ones!"


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