At the heart of our approach is our Abuela, Mayrena, co-founder of Fit & Go Pets. Her unwavering care and unapologetic compassion for animals drives our business and embodies our team’s spirit. She welcomes each and every pup to Abuela’s House while their pawrents are away, for the day or for the week. And that’s what makes us different from any other pet care service: our highly trained, caring team who our customers trust to keep their fur babies safe and happy. 

There are two sides to Fit & Go Pets: the human and the pup. Building intentional relationships with both sides is essential to our long-term success, and the way we approach each sets us apart from other pet care services. 

For our human clients, we offer concierge-style pet care service that gives them peace of mind while their fur babies are in our care. We know their lives are busy and stressful — and that their care needs may change from day to day. Our team offers our clients convenient care for their pups, while alleviating their concerns for their pets’ well-being while they’re away. Our team is also a trusted source of pup care advice, offering suggestions for resources and guidance for raising holistically healthy and happy pets. We like to think of our approach as “co-paw-renting,” taking care of pups like they’re our own alongside their owners. 

For our furry clientele, we bring the homey magic of Abuela’s House to our care model. We recognize that each dog has a unique personality and set of needs, just like children. For each new dog that joins our family, our team takes time to understand each pup’s needs and adapt our care to their personality and behavior goals.

We start by asking their pawrents about their socialization. Have they been to a dog park? Do they live with other pets or children at home? Are they rescue dogs?

We ensure their medical records are up to date. Have they received all required vaccinations? Are there any special conditions to know about? What medications do they take? 

We observe behavior and pivot our approach accordingly. Does a pup seem timid? Is a dog acting aggressively, perhaps out of fear? We work to understand what makes a fur baby tick, so we can make their stay as comfortable and fun as possible, as well offer guidance to their pawrents based on our observations. 

We also don’t expect all dogs to act the same or have the same schedule. That’s why we focus on giving our pup clients individualized attention second only to their owners. And we do it all in a place of comfort, where pups can play and be their full doggy selves. Our facility is unmatched for pup enjoyment, with our expansive playscape that has space to run and play (including puppy pools!) where our caretakers are able to give each pup personal attention.