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In these challenging times, animal shelters and rescue organizations are facing an overwhelming influx of animals in need of new homes, putting a strain on their resources. They’re struggling to maintain enough funding and supplies to support the hundreds of adoptable dogs / pets in their care. 

In a recent report by Local 10 News, Flora Beal, a spokeswoman for the county agency, shed light on the dire situation at shelters in Doral and Medley, emphasizing the overcrowding issue, likely stemming from housing insecurities. Beal noted that while the shelters typically have a capacity for 300 to 350 dogs and approximately 150 cats, the current count stands at over 850 pets, significantly exceeding their normal capacity.

That's why we'd like to reintroduce you to our Rescue Donation Matching Program! Each quarter, we partner with a local rescue organization to make them beneficiaries of donations made through us. We match donations up to $2,000 per year, doubling the impact of your contribution.

Making a donation is easy. Simply donate when making your next booking or contribute directly to the organizations

Select "Fundraising 🐾 National Rescue Dog Day 🐾" and choose from different donation options: Dog Lover ($25), Dog Rescuer ($50), All in for Dogs ($75), and All in for the Cause ($100). Remember, the more we raise, the more animals we can help!

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Join us in making a difference—donate now and help support animal shelters and rescue organizations in need!