Rescue Guests PROGRAM

Introducing Our Rescue Guests Program: A Haven for Rescues on a Pinch

Helping rescue organizations find forever homes for the furry ones under their care.

We're excited to introduce our newest initiative, the Rescue Guests program, aimed at providing temporary care for rescue dogs. Here at Abuela’s House, we've reserved five kennels to support rescue organizations in providing a safe haven for foster dogs awaiting their forever homes.

Rescue organizations are vital in saving animal lives, and we're proud to support them in their mission. Through our Rescue Guests program, we offer temporary or emergency care, rich socialization opportunities, and endless dog treats from Abuela! Plus, our facility serves as a venue for potential "furever" parents to meet their future furry best friend.

In addition to providing temporary care, we understand the importance of helping rescue dogs adapt to their new environments. That's why we conduct temperament assessments and provide open play spaces for socialization, setting the stage for successful adoptions. We also recognize the challenge of introducing rescued or adopted dogs to other pets at home. At Fit & Go Pets, we offer neutral grounds for dogs to meet and socialize before joining their new families.

Rescue Guests Get:

  • A Homey and Fun Place to Stay and Play 
  • Temporary or Emergency Care for Rescued Dogs 
  • Endless Dog Treats from Abuela!
  • Rich Socialization
  • Venue to Meet Potential Furever Parents 

Rescue organizations can apply for a spot in our Rescue Guests program, and we encourage donations to support our efforts in saving more furry lives.

Now more than ever we must come together as a community to help in any way possible we are stronger and more powerful. Together we can save more furry lives! 

Join us in making a difference — apply for a Rescue Guests spot or donate now!