Due to flooding that may occur in the area and to give time to our team members to prepare their homes, Fit & Go Pets will be closing at 5 PM today, Wednesday, November 9. Drop offs will also happen earlier, keep an eye on your group chat. 

While bathing your dog at home is a good option, a professional groomer takes extra steps to keep your dog's fur/coat, skin, nails and ears healthy. Here are 5 SIGNS your dog needs to see a professional dog groomer.
You've now got more reasons to have fun with us!! Every month we'll be posting on our blog new promos, starting right now on Thanksgiving Month! 
Our team is closely monitoring all dogs at our facility for symptoms of the highly contagious disease that is affecting our furry ones in South Florida, Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex (CIRDC). We haven’t detected any cases at our facility.
The coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing our lives in ways we never imagined. No matter how things continue to evolve, the very thing we want is for all to stay safe. Keep reading to learn what we are doing during this time.