Healthy Paws, Happy Dogs: 5 Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

Blog-Healthy Paws, Happy Dogs: 5 Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming-Fit & Go Pets

Maybe you shower daily or every other day. But at some point, you take time to complete some personal grooming. And our dogs need this too! They don’t need daily baths. But they do need to be groomed regularly – and that’s where a professional groomer comes in. 

Let’s talk about all the pawsome benefits of professional dog grooming.

1. It’s convenient.

Taking care of your dog's grooming needs can be time-consuming and messy. Plus, you need special tools and products to use with your dog. Between brushing out their coat thoroughly and clipping their nails (eek!), it can be a lot to take on. 

By having a professional dog groomer do it for you, you can save yourself the hassle and fight. And they’ll get them looking good and smelling great.

2. It can reduce stress for your dog and you.

Grooming can be a stressful experience. Maybe your dog is naturally anxious. Or doesn’t like to be handled. Or hates being sprayed with water. Grooming your dog yourself when they react fearfully can cause you loads of stress as a pet parent.

An enormous benefit of professional dog grooming is they have lots of techniques they can use to keep your dog calm and comfortable during the process. Like how to properly restrain your dog when using a sharp tool so no one gets hurt. And making sure it’s a pleasant (enough) experience for them.

3. It can help improve your dog’s health.

Professional groomers are very experienced in identifying potential health issues. They can spot skin infections, treat tick & flea issues, and reduce ear infections. All things you may miss grooming your dog yourself.

They can also help prevent fur matting, which is uncomfortable and can lead to skin problems.

4. It’ll be a thorough job.

Another important benefit of professional dog grooming is they’ll make sure every part of your dog is clean. This includes their ears, paws, and anal glands (if those need a cleaning). And with their professional equipment, your dog will come out looking clean and polished.

Plus – bonus! – a thoroughly groomed dog means they’ll shed less. Making for a cleaner home (and less vacuuming for a bit).

5. Dog groomers are dog experts.

A professional dog groomer has lots of experience and knowledge from working with dogs. Because they’re dog experts, they know how to groom your dog properly, what techniques to use, have all the right tools, and help identify any potential problems that need to be addressed.

And they know all about different dog breeds. 

Not all dogs need the same type of grooming. A long hair dog will have different needs than a short hair dog. Your dog groomer will know what your particular dog needs for their coat type, skin condition, and breed-specific requirements.

With Florida’s summer season already starting, get your dog professionally groomed.

Whether it’s spring or summer in Florida, the temperatures are rising. And your dog may need a little extra care to stay cool in the heat. 

You’ll want their coat brushed regularly to remove any excess fur to ventilate their coat and allow their skin to breathe. If your dog has long hair, you may want to trim it to help keep them cool – but not too short. This can lead to sunburn.

Plus, the Florida humidity and heat can cause ear infections – so a dog groomer can complete this important task for you.

We’ve got all your dog grooming needs covered at Fit & Go Pets!

Our dog spa offers loads of grooming options – from a basic bath to a more comprehensive bath & groom. We also offer add-ons if you need some special services for your puppers.

Bring your dog in and get them groomed today! 

You can find us at 711 NW 24th Street in Miami, Florida.