Raising awareness of dog rescue in our Miami community through the heartfelt voices of those who've experienced it firsthand.

May 20th marks National Rescue Dog Day, and we're thrilled to reignite our Rescue Stories program!

Rescue Stories is a platform that brings together dog lovers, rescue organizations, pawrents, caretakers, and more, sharing inspiring tales from our community's rescue pawrents. It's a program designed to raise awareness about dog rescue through the heartfelt voices of those who've experienced dog rescue firsthand.

For us, this day holds special significance as many of you are rescue dog pawrents, and chances are, we've been a part of your dog rescue journey in some capacity. Over the years, we've been privileged to hear countless stories that have the power to inspire future dog rescue pawrents and save more furry lives.

Rescue Stories serves as a gathering place for our community, amplifying the voices of those who've opened their hearts and homes to rescued animals. We believe that everyone has an inspiring dog rescue story to share, and we invite you to join us in spreading the goodness of dog rescue.

Do you have a rescue story to tell? We want to hear it! Share your story with us through our online form, and we'll feature it on our blog to inspire others and spread awareness about the transformative power of rescue.

It only takes 5 minutes of your time, but your story could make a world of difference in the lives of rescue animals. Let's come together to celebrate National Rescue Dog Day and shine a spotlight on the incredible stories that define our community's commitment to saving furry lives.

Share your rescue story with us today!